Our 2018 Featured Presenters are:

Nick Agar, Mark Baker, Nick Cook, John Jordan, and Barbara Dill

Paul Petrie, Ralph Mosher, Donna Banfield, Ray Puffer, and David Gilbert

Nick Agar


Nick Agar has become one of the most sought after instructors / workshop leaders and seminar presenters on the world woodturning stage. He is one of the most creative makers in the field and has an unsurpassed knowledge and understanding of the many processes that are now used in this creative medium. Specializing in surface enhancement and renowned for his wall sculptures, his award winning work often incorporates carving, airbrushing, ceramic and metal effects. Nick has inspired many woodturners with his work and has traveled across the world to demonstrate his skills.

Inspired by organic forms, pottery, sea life ,ancient cultures and his natural surroundings at his riverside studio, he specializes in hollow forms, large diameter work, and surface enhancement. He is renowned for his wall sculptures and Viking Sunset bowls in particular. His award-winning work often incorporates carving, weaving and metalwork.

In addition to exhibiting widely and appearing at international conferences both as a demonstrator and a judge, Nick is in constant demand for commissions from collectors, his wide range of clients including HRH Prince of Wales, Dukes, Duchesses and the Royal Jewelers, and Aspreys. He and his work have also featured on BBC and ITV lifestyle television programs.

Nick is a member of the Worshipful Company of Turners and a Patron of the Max Carey Woodturning Trust. He is co-author of the book "woodturning evolution", an elected member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, a Registered Professional Turner, and a member of the AWGB and AAW. He has also been made an honorary member of several woodturning clubs. Nick is a popular demonstrator /teacher on the Woodturning Cruise.

Demonstrations by Nick Agar

Viking sunset bowl - The idea for this bowl was conceived on the Norwegian woodturning cruise. This bowl turning adventure comprises: turning techniques; texture and surface enhancement to create a Pewter affect on the outside surface; and the use of air brushes (something Nick is well known for) to color the interior.

Platter and rim decoration - Turning Platters is relatively easy but there are a wonderful and exiting mixture of designs found throughout the world in nature and Art. Join me for some fun in this demo where we will turn a platter and decorate the back and rim with home made stencils and airbrushing. Simple, easy, and very eye catching designs.

Ancient Bronzed bowl - A trip to a museum bought this idea to the lathe. We will turn a bowl and texture and bronze the surface using color/verdigris paste and carved and textured surface. I will discuss design ideas and how we can be influenced by museum visits and what we see in our daily life.



Mark Baker


Mark Baker has always been fascinated by timber. He comments that the ability to work with such a wonderful medium, which constantly throws up challenges and opportunities, is one of life's real pleasures.

Mark enjoys exploring the wonderful variety of timbers available, the different shapes, tactile and visual decorative effects that can be used to create something that will be treasured. He acknowledges that not everything always goes to plan and that he has a collection of the 'works in progress or the not quite there' variety, but comments that while it can be frustrating, it is always fun.

Mark's work is highly influenced by works from ancient cultures and civilizations and spends a lot of time in museums poring over ancient vessels, designs and other artifacts.

On leaving school, Mark worked as a carpenter and joiner for five years. He then helped set up a training center with a fully equipped woodworking workshop for autistic adults. He was an instructor there for eight years before going on to be a product manager for a well-known Sheffield-based tool manufacturer. From there he went on to become Editor of Woodturning magazine and the Group Editor of GMC Publications' woodworking magazines including the Woodworkers Institute website - Europe's largest woodworking website resource.

Mark demonstrates internationally and is the author of five books on woodturning, with a new one on the way.

Demonstrations by Mark Baker

How to make better bowls - This rotation will explore effective shapes and how to introduce simple, but effect tactile and visual design elements that can add that extra element to set you work apart from others. All of the fundamental and pro-shop tips will be explored to help you work smarter and easier to achieve great bowls.

Lidded bowls - This rotation explores bowl turning but looks at maximising the areas traditionally turned away to be used for something else. In this case, the centre of the bowl is cored out to make a lid for a classically inspired vessel.

Boxes made easy - This rotation explores box body and lid shapes, how one base can have many lids that work with it, proportions and the various ways lids can be fitted to the body. In addition to the aspects already mentioned, various need-to-know cutting techniques will be explored to fully arm you with the knowledge to turn your own masterpieces.


Nick Cook


Nick Cook is a full time production turner producing a wide variety of gift items, one of a kind bowls & vessels as well as work for furniture makers and millwork contractors. He spends much of his time teaching both individuals and groups throughout the country. He has done workshops for woodturning groups in Australia and has also participated in the national woodturning symposiums in New Zealand. He is a founding member of the American Association of Woodturners and has served as vice president and conference coordinator. Nick was named the 12th honorary lifetime member of the AAW. He has written numerous articles for various woodturning publications including American Woodturner, Woodworkers Journal and American Woodworker. He also has produced two videos: "Turning for Food" & "Turning for Fun and Profit."

Demonstrations by Nick Cook

Light Up Your Life with Turned Table Lamps - See how I combine spindle and faceplate techniques and include round joinery and boring procedures to design and turn a table lamp. I will show you how to assemble and add the electrical components to light it up. I will do a second lamp demo concentrating on duplicating the first.

Production Turning for Sales - This session will focus on a wide range of quick, enjoyable and very practical things you can go home and make yourself. Nick will demonstrate everything that goes into making the production pieces that have made him a highly successful commercial turner from tool selection and sharpening to specific turning techniques. He will show you how to make spurtles, garden dibbles, baby rattles, honey dippers, tea lights, coffee scoops, Christmas tree ornaments and boxes.

Turning Pepper Mills and Salt Shakers - This session will show you how to design and create a pepper mill. We will look at stock selection and glue-up for laminated mills. We will also show you the proper sequence for drilling the blank and how to chuck the blank for turning the mill. Sanding and finishing will also be discussed. We will also show a unique salt shaker you can make without any kits.



John Jordan


John Jordan is a woodturner from Cane Ridge (Nashville), Tennessee. Known primarily for his textured and carved hollow vessels, John has been featured in nearly every major turning exhibition the past twenty years. His work has received numerous awards, and is in the permanent collections of many museums and corporations, including the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the American Craft Museum in New York City, the White House in Washington, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in Charlotte, the Fine Arts Museum in Boston, and the Detroit Institute of the Arts and the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

John is a frequent writer of woodturning articles, has produced several instructional DVDs, and has taught in eight countries and most of the US including more than twenty classes at Arrowmont.

Demonstrations by John Jordan

Hollow Turning - Making an elegant and refined hollow form using green wood as the material. Wood selection, orientation and tool use will be demonstrated.

Carving/Texturing on Bowls and Vessels - A demonstration of various surface treatments using a variety of tools and techniques. Learn to add a little interest to your turnings, from pens to hollow forms.

Turned Teapots - Making a teapot with an integral spout from green wood. Carving, finishing and details will be shown.

The Aesthetics and Properties of Wood - An in depth discussion of wood, using green wood as a material. Dealing with the issues of cracking and distortion without mystery or complicated methods. Orienting the wood for maximum effect.




Barbara Dill


Barbara Dill has been working with wood since 1987. After buying a lathe in 1990, she became fascinated with the multi axis turnings that she saw. She began experimenting with multi axis turnings on spindles. For several years she was delighted with the whimsical forms. Along with the fun came frustration with not knowing what to do next. In 2006, she decided to isolate herself and figure out what these spindles had in common, if anything.

Her discoveries lead to a systematic way to think about multi axis spindle turning. Her first articles were published in the American Woodturner in 2007. Teaching has lead to a deeper understanding of this complex area of turning. More articles were published in the American Woodturner, 2010, 2011, and 2013. She self published a shop guide to multi axis spindle turning and has made some videos of her teaching that can be accessed through her web site.

You will hear a clear and concise explanation of how to think about multi axis spindle turning in each demonstration. She will then address a different aspect of multi axis turning in each demonstration, such as square turnings, split turnings, fun small projects and growing small ideas into larger forms.


Demonstrations by Barbara Dill

Multiple Axis building blocks - Barbara will present an overview of a systematic view of multi axis spindle turnings. She will show how simple ideas can grow into fascinating forms. The primary goal of this demonstration is for each person to have a clear understanding of how the many multi axis forms are created.

Small Mulitple Axis projects - Barbara will present an brief overview of a systematic view of multi axis spindle turnings. She will then show how to create fun and small multi axis projects. The primary goal of this demonstration is for each person to have a clear understanding of how the many multi axis forms are created.

Split Turnings - Barbara will present an brief overview of a systematic view of multi axis spindle turnings. She will then focus on split turnings. The primary goal of this demonstration is for each person to have a clear understanding of how the many multi axis forms are created.

Paul Petrie


I have been a professional carpenter and woodworker for 30 years. My turning began with spindles for job sites, yet the fascination vessels and the after lathe work has brought me where I am today. My pieces have appeared in the American Woodturner, Fine Woodworking, Woodturning UK, and a cover and article in Woodworking in Action, issue 16. I have demonstrated at turning clubs and Totally Turning Symposium 2009, 2011. My work has been purchased by individuals across the U.S.


Demonstrations by Paul Petrie

Creating Unique Shapes - Using a home made router jig to add to your external shape. Including jig design and use. Coves to reeding

Introduction to piercing - Learn what it takes to get started on piercing. Paul will cover the tools, burrs, design applications and more. tools , burrs, design application




Ralph Mosher


Ralph lives in West Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester. He has held long time memberships in the American Association of Woodturners, Rochester Woodworkers Society and The Finger Lakes Woodturners. He was a past Board of Directors' member of the Rochester Woodworkers Society and was the editor of The Finger Lakes Woodturners Newsletter from September 2010 to May 2013. During his tenure as editor of the newsletter, it took first place in the American Association of Woodturners Chapter Newsletter competition.

Ralph is an award winning woodturner with 29 years' experience and has sold his work at local prestigious juried shows. He was a presenter at Totally Turning in 2015 and has demonstrated for Rochester Woodworkers Society as well as Finger Lakes Woodturners. He has taught woodturning for Rochester Woodworkers Society and currently mentors novice as well as experienced woodturners.

Recently, Ralph has had the good fortune of several days of private tutoring from world class woodturning instructor, Stuart Batty. He has put into practice many of the turning techniques taught by Stuart such as the 40/40 grind, negative rake scraping and the 55 degree grind for finishing the bottom of bowls.

Ralph has a wide range of skills including the turning of green wood, seasoned bowl blanks, natural edged bowls, multiaxis spindle work, goblets, ornaments, and hollow forms. He has experience with a Magil MDF Rose Engine and carving the surface of gesso painted platters. His first turning project was a Saxony spinning wheel where a scraper and sand paper were the main tools for the required turnings. This project teased his interest and thus began an exciting and continued development of his woodturning experiences and abilities.

Demonstrations by Ralph Mosher

The Process of Returning Wet Turned Bowls - Ralph will demonstrate re-turning a bowl that was turned green and allowed to season (dry). He will go through the steps required to successfully complete a bowl. This will include tool sharpening, mounting the blank on the lathe, use of the Stuart Batty 40/40 grind bowl gouge, a 60 degree grind for the bottom finishing bowl gouge and the fine finish obtained with a negative rake scraper. Ralph will also talk about good bowl form. It is presumed the audience has no interest in the painful sanding procedure, so Ralph will do his best to finish his work to, at least, a 320 grit sanding start.




Donna Zils Banfield


Donna Zils Banfield has been creating works of art in wood since she received her first lathe as a surprise Christmas gift from her husband in 2001. Donna's skills on the lathe were self-taught, but honed through workshops taught by gifted and skilled artists and turners who shared their knowledge. Her carving techniques and designs evolved after studying under several internationally recognized fine art and craft masters.

A teacher of woodturning since 2007 at Rockler Woodworking and Woodcraft, she now offers private one-on-one instruction in her studio, in Derry, NH. She has shared her knowledge and techniques with woodturning clubs throughout New England and beyond, and has demonstrated for regional Symposiums in the New England area since 2008. She has written articles for the Journal of the Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers and the AAW's Woodturning FUNdamentals. Donna has been a juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen (LNHC) since 2010 and currently serves as a Juror in wood, evaluating and critiquing applicants seeking admission to the League as a juried craftsperson.

Her work can be found in private collections in Australia, India, Taiwan and the U.S.

For more information, please visit her website: www.livealifelessordinary.com


Demonstrations by Donna Zils Banfield

Patterns, Texture and Color - This rotation will show attendees how to create texture and patterns on their woodturnings using a variety of hand-held tools. Then, using a number of different mediums, they can transform their woodturnings into vessels that resemble, or could be mistaken for ceramic, pottery or metal.

Applying Color with the Airbrush - This rotation will introduce the attendee to the airbrush, how to use it, how to clean it, media that can be used in an airbrush, and masking with frisket and tape. Any shape or form can be airbrushed. Forms with very tight curves can be a challenge, especially when masking. Tips demonstrated on how to accomplish this. Both flat and curved surfaces will be covered in the demo.


Ray Puffer


Ray is a woodturner living in the Albany, NY area. He has been an avid woodworker for more than 50 years, and he has produced a broad variety of pieces ranging from custom designed grandfather clocks and furniture, to antique reproductions, guitars and banjos, and award winning artistic and functional turnings. His turnings have been featured in American Woodturner magazine. Ray is a member of the Northeast Woodworkers Association, the Adirondack Woodturners Association, and the American Association of Woodturners.

Ray is a Registered Professional Engineer. He served a career as an Army officer, followed by a second career teaching engineering and leading industrial automation research programs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

Ray is a frequent demonstrator at regional woodturning clubs, and he teaches wordturning to individuals in his home shop. He exhibits and sells his work in regional art galleries and shows.

Demonstrations by Ray Puffer

Gilding, Patination and other Embellishments - Once you have mastered the fundamentals of wood turning it’s time to consider what you might do to add a little “POP” to your turnings. In this demonstration I will discuss many of the embellishment techniques I use in my shop, and show examples of these techniques. I will also demonstrate how I gild turnings on the lathe, and how to achieve various effects using patination. I will discuss the materials used, sources of supply, and references. The goal is to provide the attendee the knowledge and information needed to give embellishment a try.



David Gilbert


About eight years ago, after years of traditional woodworking, I discovered the joy and the vortex of wood turning. Making round things for family and friends has taken much of my time and effort since then. I primarily make utilitarian bowls, platters, trays, and of course, tools for turning wood.

Demonstrations by David Gilbert

Turn a Yarn Bowl from Green Wood - Start to Finish - Yarn bowls are sought by knitters and can be fun for turners to make. These bowls present a number of challenges and I will show how to make a calabash style yarn bowl, from start to final thickness with green wood. I will discuss wood selection, sizing, mounting, turning and finally how to cut the yarn slot. I will also show and discuss what happens as these green bowls dry.



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